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On top of the world!!

This was one of our highlights in France. It is very expensive €175 for 2 adults and 2 kids but it is worth it! The ride in the cable car itself is like most other cable cars - you are stuck inside a cable car with about 60 other people which isn't that pleasant but it is the views at each station where you get off and look around that are so spectacular. This cable car stops at two place - the first about halfway up at 2317m and then at the top at 3842m. The first stop at 2317m is the best for the kids. If the weather is reasonable and there isn't too much snow then there is lots of room for them to run around, climb on rocks and explore. There is also a small cafe that does very good hot chocolates and snacks. However we also took our own snacks and enjoyed them on the tables and seats that were there. The view is awesome from there! The top station is less kid friendly - I seemed to be endlessly holding on to ours as I was scared they would fall off! However, it is very safe. There is a small museum to wander around and several viewing platforms along with an expensive restaurant and souvenir shop. There is a chance that you could feel queezy at that altitude so be prepared for that. But the view is just amazing and it is safe to say that this is the highest that I will ever get in my life - aside from in a plane!! I can't recommend this experience highly enough. We stopped halfway on the way back down again and had a another look around, the kids patted the donkeys that lived there as well. Bring your warm clothes as it is cold at the top and plan ahead to make sure that you get a really good day with good visibility - the website is good for that. LOVED IT!!!

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