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Great view, beautiful church

This basilica sits high above the top of Lyon and the site itself gives great views of the city. I enjoyed looking inside, it is indeed a lovely basilica but actually I enjoyed the outside view more and it is always hard to keep kids quiet inside churches! We took the public funicular railway up which the kids enjoyed more than the church. But the combination of the funicular and the church was good and it was worth the effort.

About me

I visited
November, 2015
I visited with kids aged:
  • 3-5 years
  • 6-9 years
I would recommend for kids aged:
  • 6-9
  • 10-14
  • 15+
I'm from
Australia and New Zealand

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What I didn't like
  • Has precious things that shouldn't be touched
  • No public toilets available
  • Periods of quiet/no talking allowed (e.g. tours etc)

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Free entry for all the family
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