Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park

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Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park


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LOT 351 Broome Highway, Broome WA 6725, Australia.

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Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park

Want to see a crocodile up close and personal and only behind a fence? You can do that at the Malcom Douglas Crocodile Park
We went with our 3YO son and he was beside himself the entire time. We went at 3pm which is when the tour begins and they feed the crocs around the park.
The first park of the tour the baby crocodiles are bought out and they are passes around and you can hold them (don't worry their mouth as taped shut so they can't bite!)
The tour goes for about an hour and many of the crocs in the farm are fed before your eyes. Some of them are huge! 5m!!!!!
The tour is a fantastic way to learn about crocs, how they are in the wild and how the park breads them and looks after them if they have been reduced or relocated. The tour guides are very friendly and open to any questions.
There are kangaroos, ducks, birds and dingoes through the park also, but mainly crocodiles.
We took a pram for our 1YO and its a bit sandy through so walk, so if you can avoid it please do.
Only downside to the park was the price to enter. But, definitely worth going to if you are in Broome.

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