Traboules - Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon)

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Traboules Lyon are famous covered passageways which lead from one street to the next via corridors through residences, superbly hide renovated architectural treasures: inner courtyards, covered Italian archways” and spiral staircases.

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Hard to find, many closed

These traboules were one of the main reasons we came to Lyon and I ended up being dissapointed. They are 'secret passageways' that link the buildings in Lyon. Of course, with all the Tourism they are not really secret anymore but very overcrowded. The residents in each building get reduced rent to put up with the hoards of tourists that come through each day and the traboules are closed at different times to give residents some peace. So, you need to encourage your kids to be quiet (although many adults completely ignore this!). I tried to do a tour but it was booked up so make sure you book at least a week in advance. Maybe if I had done the tour we would have found more. The ones we did find led us to pretty courtyards which were nice to see but pretty dull for the kids. And although I tried to sell it to them as 'an adventure looking for secret passages' that wore off quickly when we couldn't find many and the ones we did find were just passageways leading from one building to another with not much to look at. I'd spend your time doing something different unless you have half a day to hunt them out with the free map provided by the tourist bureau.

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