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Tram 28 Lisbon


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Lisbon, Portugal

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The number 28 tram is the longest route in Lisbon, performing a loop in the east of Baixa, Graça and Alfama before heading west to Estrela and Campo de Ourique. This first section is the favourite with most tourists, as the tram screeches through Alfama, passing the Sé Cathedral and the Santa Luzia viewpoint. The westward section is equally enjoyable and scenic, with the Estrela district and the magnificent Basilica, a hidden gem of Lisbon.

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Beautiful trams and great route

Great way to get around. beautiful ride, goes through the most beautiful parts of Lisbon. Hop on and off as you wish if you have an all day ticket. We used it endlessly and got to see all of the city. You can list prams on and off.

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No public toilets available

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Adults pay but free for kids aged to
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