Tundra Huskies Huskysafari

Tundra Huskies Huskysafari

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Sokkaporantie 99140 Köngäs

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Husky farm and husky safari with different length safaris available. Pick up from Levi tourist bureau is included in the price.

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Wonderful experience - but rug up!

We were in Levi for Christmas and we decide don a 5km safari. We were picked up from the Levi Tourist bureau and taken in a warm and comfortable small coach to the farm with about 25 other people. When we arrived we were greeted by a very cheery and nice guy who spoke English perfectly and who explained very clearly what was going to happen. It took about 10 minutes which was a little too long of standing around in -10c! We were divided into two groups and the first group left and we were able to go and look at the huskies or warm up in the huts that had fires and warm juice. We went inside as we were cold after standing and wanted to be warm before we got on the huskies. We are a family of 4 and 4 can't go on one sled and so my husband drove one and I had a staff member drive my 5 year old and I. Make sure that you are well rugged up and ensure you have face coverings for you and the children. The wind as you move as very icy and without protection on your face you would be very cold. They give you rugs and sheepskin to put over your body but you need that protection for your face. The ride is exhilarating and absolutely beautiful through the forest. It is very peaceful and my 5 year old fell asleep with the lulling of the sled! The lady told us that this happens many times a week to children. Afterwards we went inside the huts again and enjoyed the hot juice and sausages. I feel this was a bit rushed and would have liked a little longer to relax and warm up and enjoy the ambience. From this perspective it would have been better to be in the first group that went. After that they also tried to sell us photos they had taken of us on the sleds. I felt they were quite expensive and I didn't buy any. For this reason I give this attraction 4 stars instead of 5 as I really don't like it when places try to sell you things which are quite marked up. And because it wasn't possible for us to all be on one sled, we would have had to buy two photos which was very expensive. We had our own photos anyway. We really loved this experience and I would recommend it to anyone - just make sure you rug up!!

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December, 2014
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