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Kätkäjärventie 403, 99100 Sirkka, Finland

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The company Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature offers reindeer safaris, ice fishing trips, snowshoes, kicksleds, sauna evenings, hunting excursions, rounding up of reindeer, marking of reindeer calves in the spring and for groups competitions in wilderness skills all year round.

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Absolutely amazing!!!

This was one of the most amazing things I have ever done! We had a hire car and so we drove out to the reindeer farm, I'm not sure how else you would get there - maybe they organise transfers? Anyway, we drove and the drive alone is amazing - through the beautiful and peaceful Lapland forest. We were greeted by a woman who had her 18 month old baby strapped to her in a carrier - a sure sign that the attraction is kid friendly! She even had spare kids gloves when the gloves that some other parents brought were not warm enough. It was all explained to us and to the children in a patient and kind manner. The reindeer are actually wild reindeer which return each year to the farm as they know they will be fed and looked after and each summer they go away. The men who sorted out the reindeer clearly knew what they were doing and treated the reindeers with great respect. And then we were off! The magic of this ride simply cannot be portrayed in words. You feel as though you are being dragged along clouds as the reindeers plod along with their soundless paws making almost no sound. The Lappish forest is beyond beautiful and I couldn't get enough pictures. We took the 3km ride and it stopped halfway and we had a warm drink and some snacks. They explained all about the reindeers to us all which was so interesting. Our return journey was just as magical as the first half and I never wanted it to end. The kids absolutely loved it. I can't recommend this enough - for all aged kids.They also do ice-fishing and other activities which we didn't do but if they were as well organised and with such wonderful staff as our experience, I imagine it would be wonderful.

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December, 2014
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  • Activities specifically for kids
  • Possible to bring your own food

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Adults pay but free for kids aged to
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