About us

We are siblings and  travel lovers.  This site has ONLY one aim – to help you travel easier with your kids.  That’s it.  There’s no ads and we aren’t trying to sell you travel packages.  We rely on you to create the content and share your knowledge and experiences.  The more listings you add and the more reviews you post, the better this site gets. We want you to explore the world, plus the kids!

Thanks for joining us.


IMG_3256Shayla; wife, bad housewife and mum of two boys (5 and 9) who drags them around the world endlessly.  To fund all my travel I work as a lawyer and CEO.  Since my kids were young, they have been travelling with me.  I love exploring new cultures and see the different ways that people live.  We are Australian and love Australia but we decided that we wanted to live elsewhere for a while, to learn a new language and to explore new ways of living.  So, with my endlessly patient husband and our 2 boys, we are 14 months into a stint in the south of France.  I now have two French speaking children (who tell me endlessly how awful my own French accent is!) Being in France has allowed us to explore Europe easily and we have managed to see  France, Italy, Ireland, Morocco, Scotland, Spain, Portugal and Finland. Whilst I was visiting each place, I found I wanted a website to help me choose which attractions were best to go to with my kids  and since I couldn’t find it, I decided to build my own! I think that other parents are the best judges of what will suit kids and when people share information, we can all benefit. It’s all part of the worldwide parenting community.



Matthew; IT project manager (I hate the idea of defining myself by a job, though it seems relevant here), and more importantly keen mountain biker, snowboarder and father of two. I’m not the ‘sit on a beach’ type traveller and need to explore which is probably where my 3 year old son gets it from. Having enjoyed multiple trips in Europe, Asia and North America my wife and I now long for a chance to break free of the rat race, slow life down for a while and explore our own back yard with our two kids under 4 (and a caravan) in tow. Helping on the tech side of the website is interesting, but the opportunity to contribute in building a dedicated resource for others in the same mindset and stage with their family is a far more rewarding pursuit, and hopefully we can help you and lots of others travelling with their kids (and teddies, and strollers, and car seats)!