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Pinnacles Drive, Cervantes, Western Australia

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The Pinnacles is one of those things that you need to go see when travelling the WA coast north of Perth. It's interesting enough, and I'm sure fascinating for geology geeks but as a family attraction you wouldn't be spending all day there. With that said, there are some plus's... If it's very hot or very windy (as can both happen quite often in the area) or even if you just have a sleeping child in the car you can actually drive the short circuit through the Pinnacles on the firm dirt road and get just as good a view as you would walking around. If you do get out, there is plenty of room for energised kids to have a run around and play hide and seek and although there is a small sign saying please keep off, it is no problem for kids running in between them. An important note, as you'd imagine being a desert, aside from the boardwalk to the viewing deck it is not ideal for prams or wheelchairs.

Price of $12 a car was reasonable enough to provide some facilities and the parking is very good if you happen to have a camper or caravan.

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October, 2015
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  • Parenting room/facilities
  • Possible to bring your own food
  • Room to move and play

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